The visas approved will be that of diplomats and other staff members on missions in the countries

India and Pakistan have arrived at an agreement to approve all pending assignment visas.

According to the Times of India, both countries will approve the pending visas of diplomats and other staff members at the same time on June 16.

India had pulled out a few members of its mission in Islamabad without waiting for Pakistani visa approval for their replacements in late May. These officials were thus forced to stay in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for a long time despite having finished their tenure.

Pakistan had been waiting for a decision as well, as close to 30 staff members and diplomats from the country are currently awaiting visa approval.

Assignment visas are meant for diplomats and foreign government officials and their timely clearance is essential for workers to carry out their duties on behalf of their national duties, making it important for the smooth functioning of foreign missions. The process is even more important in the case of India and Pakistan as both countries have already halved the strength of their respective missions.