Jammu and Kashmir fights COVID-19: Indian Army conducts door-to-door vaccination drive in Kerani village

Srinagar: A team of Indian Army and medical workers reached the Kerani village, which is the last village close to the Line of Control, to vaccinate the people in the region, an attempt made to control COVID-19.

The team conducted a door-to-door vaccination drive in the village after reaching the spot by crossing hilly terrains and flowing rivers on foot.

Captain Sadik Arman, an Army doctor, said that the entire population of the Kerani village has been vaccinated with the first dose.

"We came very close to the Line of Control to inoculate those who cannot come to the cities to get vaccinated. The area is hilly and the terrain is difficult, therefore we came here to vaccinate all, especially those who are aged and disabled, and could not come to the vaccination centre," he told ANI.

The Army doctor said that the Indian Army has also been conducting a lot of awareness campaigns regarding the COVID-19 safety protocols and the vaccination.

"It is the result of those efforts that the awareness about the vaccine in the area is quite high. We have, therefore, received a great response from the people of this village," he told ANI.