Imran Khan with ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed

14 Pak Army officers, 22 SSG commandos & 30 Pak Army soldiers were arrested while plotting to assassinate General Bajwa during recent tour to forward areas in PoK. Pakistan has been rocked by these mutiny reports. There has been no official response from either the Pakistani army nor the ISI on this conspiracy plot.

The plot could be the result of several commercial disgruntlement, Bajwa's reasonably moderate views (Pakistani army and its intelligence wing the ISI is deeply radicalized) or the fact that his wife is believed to be a closet Ahmadiyya.

Dr. Amjad Ayud Mirza broke the plot on his YouTube channel. He mentions in the video that the Pakistani mainstream media has been completely muzzled not to report on this assassination plot. Mirza unearthed this plot via his contacts in the Pakistani ISI and the army.

Parallelly, major Indian news media website NewsX also ran a full fledged program on this assassination plot.

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