The latest offensive by the Taliban in Afghanistan comes as President Ghani is set to meet President Joe Biden at the White House

Days after capturing a border crossing along the Tajikistan border, the Taliban made further inroads in northern Afghanistan annexing the town of Shir Khan Bandar which is reportedly a dry border port linked with Tajikistan.

The Taliban had reportedly fired rockets into a hospital in Afghanistan, however, the militant outfit denied responsibility for the attack.

As the US pull out in Afghanistan gathers stream, the Pentagon said it was closely monitoring the situation in the country as the Taliban makes territorial gains. According to joint chiefs chairman General Mark Milley, the Taliban now controls 81 of 419 district centres in the country.

The US official said that several districts were captured by the Taliban as the US pull out began.

The Biden administration has vowed to pull out US troops by September 11. US secretary of state Antony Blinken had said last month that the pull out is ahead of schedule.

The Taliban had earlier surrounded Kunduz city which is a key trade route with Tajikistan while taking control of several rural districts.

The government forces have struggled to keep the Taliban at bay as reports said several Afghan security forces had crossed the border to escape the Taliban onslaught along Tajikistan border.

The latest offensive by the Taliban comes as President Ghani is set to meet President Joe Biden in the White House.

The Afghan president had earlier replaced two ministers in order to manage the country's security amid the US pull out as fears grow over Taliban's recent resurgence in rural and border areas.

The Taliban said the border ports under its control will be allowed to operate uninterrupted as it urged Afghan forces to embrace Taliban rule.

The UN special envoy to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons had told the UN Security Council that the Taliban has been positioning itself to try and seize areas once foreign forces withdraw.

The US is set to pull out of Afghanistan after 20 years even as 2,500 troops still remain, however, the US is set to completely withdraw within the timeframe set by the Biden administration.

Other countries including Georgia, New Zealand and Australian troops along with soldiers from NATO countries are also set to withdraw from the country.

Lyons warned that humanitarian emergency along with the COVID-19 crisis could lead to "dire scenarios".