by Brig Arun Bajpai
Since recent clash of Hamas with Israel which lasted for 11 days with Hamas firing almost 4000 rockets on Israel and Israel counter attacking Hamas controlling Gaza strip of Philistine with focused air attacks , once again philistine has come to lime light. China, turkey and Pakistan though not directly involved in this fight have very cleverly are trying to club philistine issue with Kashmir when truth is that both are not related and philistine has never for once spoken about Kashmir. This shows how this country Pakistan is inimical to India along with China and Turkey.

It was in early May that sudden war between Hamas controlling Gaza strip of philistine and Israel broke out in which Israel was a clear winner. After 11 days the cease fire was brokered by US in whom both sides agreed and it happened. The matter should have been closed as these types of happenings in philistine does take place quite often. But then cue was taken by Pakistan which has been chafing because India has done away with special status of Kashmir by removing Art 370 and 35A a Nehru’s legacy on 05 Aug 2019 and fully integrated Kashmir with India. For Pakistan this action by India was a catastrophe as for them the very existence of Pakistan basically it’s large Army the basis was Kashmir. Since last 73 yrs they have been harping on slogan Kashmir Banega Pakistan. After this abrogation of Art 370, Pakistan initially tried its hand at UNO and even UN Security Council but failed. It then felt that the 56 country Muslim conglomerate, Organisation Of Islamic countries, will come to its help but there also it did not get support. Pakistan then tried to create a block consisting of Muslim countries namely Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and self against this action by India but that also did not jell.

It was at this time that this conflict between Hamas and Israel broke out in philistine where these countries, china, Turkey and Pakistan saw an opportunity to discredit India on Kashmir. Today their entire effort is to club Palestine issue with Kashmir. It must be understood that for Muslim World especially for 22 Arab Muslim countries Palestine is an emotional issue and they are quite dedicated to it. As for Kashmir, this issue is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and Shimla agreement between India and Pakistan binds these two countries to discuss the issue bilaterally. However all effort of Pakistan has been and is to internationalise this issue so that world does not forget it. So what wonder if Pakistan joins hands with China and Turkey who are both inimical to India? Efforts are being made in all forums where these countries are involved singly or collectively to raise Kashmir issue clubbing it with Palestine.

As for India is concerned it must make it clear to world that Kashmir issue is bilateral one between India and Pakistan with Shimla Agreement binding both countries and India will not accept clubbing the Palestine issue with it. India should not let China get away of their aggression in Eastern should gradually reduce all imports with China at the same time forget one China policy and demand freedom of Tibet as also recognise Taiwan. As for Pakistan India must treat it as an enemy which it is doing and in future also continue doing it. India must give all support to Baloch and Sindh movement in Pakistan .Our aim in India should be to break Pakistan in three if not four parts. As fare as Malaysia is concerned it is now fully chastised.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same