A massive protest against the Imran Khan-led Pakistan government erupted in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir's (PoK) Muzaffarabad on Tuesday after the youth took to the streets to demand a rollback of the Job Regulation Act. The protestors stated that the Act which promises jobs to the youth was 'discriminatory', and alleged that the Pakistan government and Ministers were only extending the jobs to their friends, acquaintances, or those with allegiance to the ruling PTI through it.

Taking to the streets of Muzaffarabad protestors demanded the rollback of the 'black law' accusing the Pakistan government of using it to engage in nepotism, corruption, and suppression of the educated youth in PoK who truly deserved the jobs.

"We have witnessed the incompetence of the government for the last five years. When it came to employment they only kept sloganeering but ultimately cheated the youth. The people sitting inside the assembly have inducted their own relatives and boot-lickers of their party through this black law. The educated youth were denied the opportunity. We will not step back from the protest until we don't reclaim our rights," said protestor Raja Aqib Safeer Khan.

Land Grab By Pakistan Army Exposed

This is not the first time that residents of PoK have exposed the oppression that they were facing at the hands of Pakistan. Just weeks ago, a PoK resident showed the Pakistan Army's attempts to take over land belonging to the residents of the region in a shocking video. The resident revealed that the Pakistan Army was systematically taking over private lands which belonged to the common people across the region, to further their own agenda.

While recording the video, the resident said, "My purpose of shooting this video is to show you the activities of the Pakistan Army here. This is my brother's property, and a tent can be seen here which belongs to the army. They have made a proper staying arrangement on land that belongs to us. There are several other army tents on this land."

"When I directly asked them (army officers), they told me that they would leave in two days. A few hours later, they said they would leave after five days. When I asked them that whose permission did they take to enter our land, they had no answer. This seems to be notorious. All the children, women, and elderly people of this area pass by all the time. Some officers stand here in a particular area every morning and whistle. This is a nuisance," the resident stated.