In a rare instance, the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile failed during a test firing being carried out off the coast of Odisha on Monday and fell shortly after take-off.

The extended range version of the missile was being tested which is capable of hitting targets up to 800 kilometres.

The latest test of BrahMos-ER is not a 450-600 KM but 800 KM range missile saw issues with booster ignition. Based on the info accessible to us we can confirm the following. Stop sign Booster Motor could not ignite as ignition mechanism did not work. It was also reported by AlphaDefense that a new ignition system was used.

The missile fell off very shortly after the launch this morning. The reasons for the failure would be analysed by a joint team of scientists from the Defence Research and Development Organisation and BrahMos aerospace corporation.

BrahMos has  a very reliable track record and has failed very rarely during tests.

BrahMos supersonic cruise missile earlier was used for below 300 km targets due MTCR restrictions but would now be used for striking at longer ranges with supersonic speeds.