Sindh [Pakistan]: Amid the growing sectarian tension, police personnel have deployed at "a disputed shrine" located in the Badin district of Pakistan's Sindh province.

In a dispute over Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Zaman shrine between two rival groups-- one is backed by Ulema of a particular school of thought and the other one subscribing to the rituals followed by their ancestors, Dawn reported on Wednesday.

The shrine in the Luari Sharif town was sealed 37 years ago after a clash between them had left many people dead and injured. The provincial government has made two attempts to reopen the shrine since then but had to seal it off again after a few hours or a few days due to tension between the two groups.

In 2015, the reopening of the shrine had led to a near showdown between rival groups of disciples. In an incident of firing, one person had lost his life. The shrine was ultimately sealed off again to avoid a flare-up.

Earlier, the home department on the recommendation of the Badin district administration imposed Section 144 in the town fearing violence amid reports that an unknown group of disciples was contemplating to "perform Haj" at the shrine on the 9th of Zilhaj and a rival group was out to foil any such attempt.

However, the groups strongly rejected the reports that any group was trying to mobilise people for the so-called Haj.

Badin SSP Shabbir Ahmed Sethar deployed 150 police personnel under the command of two DSPs at the shrine and all sensitive points of the town to "maintain law and order and prevent any eventuality".