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ZHUKOVSKY: Russian President Vladimir Putin examined a model of a new light tactical single-engine plane at the Sukhoi pavilion during his visit to the International Aerospace Salon (MAKS-2021). The model was presented by United Aircraft Corporation head Yuri Slyusar.

During the presentation of the new plane, Slyusar told Putin about its first-rate capabilities, ROSTEC’s press service said. The UAC chief underscored that the new plane was a new-generation multipurpose platform that could be adapted to requests of a specific client. It also features wide combat capabilities and low operating cost.

The development of a new light single-engine plane was first disclosed by an aviation industry source in May. The source told TASS that the new plane will be able to go supersonic and have low radar visibility. Later, ROSTEC informed that the UAC would present a brand-new plane at the MAKS-2021, but did not reveal the type of aircraft.