Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar to be on USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier to observe key flight controls

Top naval officers from two of the world’s most populous democracies gathered in San Diego this week to discuss cooperation on the In the Hunt.

Vice Admiral G. Ashok Kumar, Deputy Chief of Staff Indian Navy Meet with Vice Admiral Steve Koehler, Commander of the United States Third Fleet, during his visit to San Diego on June 28.

The conference focused on US-Indian Navy cooperation in the area of ​​submarine awareness and was part of a large visit, including various stops throughout San Diego and the Pacific Northwest.

“The US-India strategic partnership is one of the most important relationships in the Indo-Pacific,” Koehler said. “Open discussions on shared complementary features not only strengthen our relationships, but also enhance the effectiveness of the Navy by working together to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific. . “

The conference will be held under the dictatorship of Russia and China, on the one hand, with heightened tensions among the United States, India, Japan and Australia.