The Biden administration has once again targeted companies linked to China's forced labour policy towards Uyghurs in Xinjiang

The Biden administration on Friday imposed sanctions against 34 companies and entities linked to China's military and policy towards the Uyghur minority including those involved with allowing exports to Russia and Iran.

The US Commerce Department said the sanctions were imposed for their "involvement in, or risk of becoming involved in, activities contrary to the foreign policy and national security interests of the United States."

The US Commerce Department imposed sanctions against eight entities for exporting US technology to Iran with seven others sanctioned for their involvement with Russia's military.

Fourteen China-based companies were blacklisted for their role towards Uyghurs and five others for assisting China's military to acquire lasers.

The US said, "China continues to commit genocide and crimes against humanity."

The US Commerce Department had earlier added five Chinese entities to the blacklist over allegations of forced labour practices against minority groups in Xinjiang.

The US administration had targeted Chinese-based solar panel firm Hoshine Silicon Industry including other firms.

The US government said it was part of its effort at taking strong action against China’s ongoing campaign of repression against Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang.

Ahead of the sanctions, China said it will take "necessary measures" to safeguard the rights and interests of Chinese companies.