Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Abdullah

Taliban hit out against Erdogan's regime over its intention to deploy troops to protect Kabul airport even as fighting continues between the militant group and the Afghan forces in several areas

After Turkey said it was ready to provide troops to protect Kabul airport, the Taliban said the decision of Erdogan's regime was "ill-advised" and "violation of our sovereignty".

The Taliban have swept through various areas in the north in the past one month with the US troops having left the country from most parts.

President Biden had said last week that all US troops would be pulled of Afghanistan by August 31.

On Monday, US general Austin Miller handed over command to the Afghan forces to end US engagement in the country.

The Taliban added that it does not want to fight in the cities while stating that "fighting from mountains and deserts has reached the doors of the cities."

On Turkey's intention to protect Kabul's airport, the militant group said: "We consider stay of foreign forces in our homeland by any country under whatever pretext as occupation."

"If Turkish officials fail to reconsider their decision and continue the occupation of our country, the Islamic Emirate... will take a stand against them," it said, adding, "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns this reprehensible decision."

Over 600 American service members will reportedly stay in capital Kabul. Meanwhile, reports said Afghan troops and the Taliban continue to engage in Kandahar.

Taliban on Monday had surrounded Ghazni with heavy fighting continuing in the area. Reports said Afghan special forces had entered Khandhar on Sunday as Afghan security forces said it had thwarted a Taliban attack in a northern province bordering Tajikistan.

Last week the militant group had said it had taken control of 85 per cent of Afghanistan's territory which was denied by the Afghan government.