China has deployed its sophisticated J-20 aircraft for the Russian drill as the country dispatched the Su-30SM fighter aircraft.

Russia and China launched the biggest joint military exercise in China’s north-central Ningxia region on Monday involving 10,000 ground troops and Air Forces of the two countries.

Russia's Su-30SM fighter aircraft will be part of the Sibu/Cooperation-2021 military exercise.

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency quoting Chinese and Russian officials said the drills were “deepen joint anti-terrorism operations and demonstrate the firm determination and strength of the two countries to jointly safeguard international and regional security and stability."

Russian soldiers will reportedly be using Chinese weapons. It is the first joint drill China has been involved in since the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the China's Global Times, the country's Air Force has dispatched J-20 stealth fighter jets and Y-20 large transport planes for the drill which is taking place in the north-western region.

The drill also includes howitzers, armoured vehicles, surface-to-air missiles, drones and rocket launchers, Global Times said.

The opening ceremony reportedly involved China's J-11 fighter jets, J-16 multirole fighter jets, JH-7A fighter bombers and H-6K bombers. The drills are set to conclude on Friday.

Ningxia region is strategically located along the Xinjiang border where Chinese officials have been accused of carrying out human rights violations against ethnic Uighurs in internment camps.

Russia also carried out joint drills with Tajikistan with Uzbekistan forces on Tuesday along the Afghan border amid the Taliban advance in the country with the Putin regime reinforcing its military base in Tajikistan.