Israel's RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. a provider of advanced software-defined tactical radars for the manoeuvre force, and India's Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (ADTL), a 1,200+ people-strong, professional R&D and production organization have executed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint venture to market, manufacture, sell and support RADA's radars in India.

Based on Indian defence doctrines for air defence and force protection, RADA envisions this market as a strategic growth opportunity. In line with the Indian government's policies of "Make in India," RADA decided to establish a strong local presence in India – in partnership with a local defence company, to provide tactical radars tailored to the needs of the Indian Armed Forces.

RADA CEO Dov Sella said, "Our business strategy is to establish substantial local presence in our key markets. India is such a market for us, and we look forward to begin building our Indian entity with our partner ADTL. We have been impressed by ADTL's proven track-record in building a successful business, providing advanced systems to the Indian Armed Forces and partnering with non-Indian defence companies for the Indian market, and we are pleased that they have chosen to partner with us to capture this opportunity. We believe that now is the right timing to develop our Indian market presence and become a provider of our cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the Indian Armed Forces."