TEHRAN – Iran is going to unveil the newest version of its homegrown missile defence system ‘Bavar-373’ that outperforms the Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system, an Iranian general said.

In comments at a televised interview on Sunday night, a former head of the Iranian Defence Ministry’s Aerospace Organization said local experts are developing a new generation of Bavar-373.

The newest version of Bavar-373, which will be unveiled soon, has capabilities that outstrip the S-400, Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi added.

He noted that Iran is making advances in the missile defence industry and can achieve considerable progress in this sector.

The general highlighted the Islamic Republic’s advances in missile production, saying the country has made a special liquid fuel for missiles that is as durable as solid fuels, allowing the projectiles to be stored for longer periods of time.

Iran unveiled Bavar-373 in August 2019. The long-range air defence system is capable of detecting up to 100 targets, tracking 60 of them, and engage with six concurrently.

A distinguishing feature of Bavar-373 is its vertical launching system with square launchers, mostly used for air defence on warships.

Bavar-373 uses a long-range, phased array fire-control radar, dubbed Me’raj-4.

The air defence system employs three different types of missiles to hit targets at various altitudes.