NCPCR had asked Facebook to take action against Rahul Gandhi. The move came days after microblogging platform Twitter took similar steps. Facebook said the posts violated its policies

Content posted by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that revealed the identity of the family of a minor gangrape victim from northwest Delhi have been removed by Facebook and the photo-sharing app Instagram owned by it. The move came days after microblogging platform Twitter took similar steps as child rights body National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) intensified its glare on the issue.

Facebook said the posts violated its policies. “We have taken action to remove the content as it was in violation of our policies,” a spokesperson of the platform said on Friday.

Facebook has reportedly informed Gandhi and NCPCR about the removal of the posts from both the platforms.

Earlier this week, Facebook had written to Gandhi urging him to remove the said post from Instagram.

After issuing a notice to Twitter over Gandhi’s post, NCPCR had asked Facebook, last week, to take appropriate action against the Wayanad MP’s Instagram profile over violation of provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, and the Indian Penal Code. It further demanded the removal of the video from the platform.

Following the communication from Facebook to Gandhi earlier this week, NCPCR withdrew its direction to the company to appear before the commission with an explanation over non-action regarding Gandhi's post.

Gandhi had stirred a controversy after sharing an image of his meeting with the parents of the nine-year-old girl earlier this month on social media. Along with the photo, he had written he was with them on the path to justice and "will not back down even an inch".

Soon after, NCPCR took up the matter and BJP leaders accused him of politicising the tragedy.

Twitter had locked accounts of Gandhi as well as many other Congress leaders who tweeted the controversial post. Gandhi then took to Instagram and said he was guilty if fighting for justice for a rape and murder victim is a crime. “If showing compassion and empathy is a crime. I am guilty.”

On August 14, Twitter restored Gandhi's account after the Congress leader submitted a consent letter from the family of the victim.

Twitter, however, continues to withhold the tweets that contain the images saying they violate Indian laws.

"As part of the appeal process, @RahulGandhi (the official Twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi) has submitted a copy of the formal consent/authorisation letter to use the referenced image via our India Grievance Channel," Twitter spokesperson had said.