The Haqqani Network's scion Anas Haqqani has criticised the Indian government and media, claiming that India's policy toward Afghanistan needs to change

Speaking to WION correspondent Anas Mallick in an interview, he claimed the people of Afghanistan "understand India is not a true friend."

Refuting the news of a dispute in top Taliban leadership, Haqqani has said that there are no differences between Taliban leadership. He alleged that rumours of clashes within the Taliban leadership are being spread by elements linked to the former government of Ashraf Ghani.

He also said that Germany could be the first one to open its embassy in Afghanistan.

The exclusive, uncut interview is below: Anas Haqqani

WION: The US did a drone strike. What are your thoughts on this, and is there any coordination between the US and the Taliban?

Anas Haqqani: They target innocents. We don’t have any arrangements with the US on attacks or allowing them to use drones. We are not allowing Daesh [Islamic State], we can defeat them. If the US has any info, then they need to coordinate with us and we will act.

Zabihullah Mujahid and Ahmadullah Wasiq [Taliban leaders] have also condemned the drone strike. We said they were innocent after our detailed investigation.

WION: The Taliban say they have changed. If so, why are you not part of the cabinet as a young face?

Anas Haqqani: The Talibs have changed. Let's not narrow it down to one person. Government changes will be there. One constant thing will remain: the Taliban's patriotism and their Islamic side will remain.

WION: With regards to women diplomats and their movements, will there be any restrictions per se?

Anas Haqqani: There will be female diplomats present. They can work. There will be no restrictions on them, but there will be cultural values that everyone has to respect.

WION: What If the US continues its presence in Afghanistan and people leave Afghanistan?

Anas Haqqani: America being made to go out was a challenge, the reason people even went for suicide attacks. We do not want any outsiders. The people who made America leave Afghanistan are proud of it. Those who want to go out, can go out with their visa and passports, have their formalities completed and they can go. You can ask these questions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as I do not have much information on this.

WION: Will Special Immigrant Visa holders be allowed to leave?

Anas Haqqani: Not my place to comment. Those who have formal visas and passports can go and it shouldn't be a problem.

WION: On the UN blacklisting of 14 members of the Taliban govt, what is the way forward?

Anas Haqqani: The talks in Doha, the Islamic Emirate stands by it. Blacklisting is a problem. America's biased attitude is there. They have failed on multiple occasions to stand by their promises. Perhaps they want the conflict to happen again. America's definition of peace is not clear and they flip-flop a lot. The international community too understands this.

WION: What are your thoughts on relations with India, given that it has a lot of developmental projects in Afghanistan?

Anas Haqqani: Unfortunately, India has been biased and fuelling the fire of war for the past 20 years. As yet, India has not done anything for peace. As yet, their role has been negative. Even in the media, there is a reflection. It portrayed Talibs as very bad people. They need to change their policy towards Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan do understand because of the negativity and India is not a true friend. The Islamic Emirates police are to be diplomatic with everyone. It would be better that they should give up negativity and take positive steps so that the people can live with peace and a better life.