New Delhi: Incorporation of new technology along with active participation of MSMEs, start-ups and academia will play a pivotal role in making the Indian Navy completely self-reliant, said Rear Admiral R Vijay Sekhar.

Rear Admiral R Vijay Sekhar who was also conferred with Nau Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty) and is Additional Chief of Materials (ACOM), Modernisation, Indian Navy, said this during an interactive webinar on Indigenisation Requirements of Indian Navy: Opportunities for MSMEs on Friday.

The interactive webinar focused on MSME opportunities with regards to the production of niche technology products for the Indian Naval Forces.

R Vijay Sekhar, highlighted that, the production of auxiliary like weapons, sensors, propulsion and etcetera has been rather slow and the need of the hour is that industries invest their complete support in the indigenisation of Indian Navy.

''The Indian Navy is committed to becoming completely self-reliant and the key to which lies in incorporation of new technology as well as active participation of MSMEs, start-ups and the academia,'' he mentioned.

Vikram Sahgal, Co-Chair, PHDCCI Defence & HLS Committee while addressing this webinar, he mentioned that the Indian Navy has been in forefront in indigenisation of its platforms, systems, sensors and weapons. The modernisation and enhancement of naval capabilities are an ongoing process.

''We are assured that the Indian Navy is striving to address the capability enhancement in all the areas through indigenisation,'' he added.

Commander Deepak Kota, Commander Indigenisation, Indian Navy gave an elaborate and informative technical presentation. He further mentioned that the fundamental concept of indigenisation has three aspects - design, manufacture and system integration. He shared the various opportunities for MSMEs for collaborating with the Indian Navy.

Highlighting the industry perspective Commander Bhaskar Sengupta, IN(Retd) General Manager (QA, IEP & VD), GRSE informed that there is a huge opportunity in outsourcing, a lot of value addition happens.

The path ahead is all about exploring partnerships and another scope for indigenisation is with regards to the 'Magazine Fire Fighting System, he said.