New Delhi: India and Sudan navies carried out a bilateral maritime exercise in the Red Sea off the Sudanese coast, the Indian Navy said on Saturday.

Indian Naval Ship Tabar undertook a maritime partnership exercise with ships of the Sudanese Navy on September 10. Two Sudanese Navy ships, Almazz and Nimer, participated in this maiden exercise with the Indian Navy.

The exercise involved multiple activities covering a wide range of naval operations. These included co-ordinated manoeuvring, replenishment at sea drills, helo operations, operations for interdicting suspect vessels at sea and communication procedures.

The exercise enhanced inter-operability between the two navies significantly and widened the scope for combined operations against common maritime threats in future.

"The exercise culminated with a 'Steam Past' between ships of the navies, as per naval customs," the Indian navy said.

Last week, INS Tabar undertook a maritime partnership exercise with ENS Alexandria, a frontline frigate of the Egyptian Navy, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The exercise involved drills for transit through asymmetric threat environment, operations for interdicting suspect vessels at sea, communication procedures, joint development of maritime domain picture and replenishment at sea drills.

A highlight of the exercise was the cross-deck helo operations that involved helo recovery procedures and airborne light replenishment drills between the two ships.

In August end, INS Tabar carried out two maritime exercises with Algerian Navy and Moroccan Navy consecutively. INS Tabar took part in a Maritime Partnership Exercise with Algerian Navy ship 'Ezzadjer' on August 29.

"The Alandmark exercise, held off the Algerian coast, saw participation of a frontline Algerian warship, 'Ezzadjer'," Indian Navy had stated.

Prior to that, INS Tabar made a port call at Casablanca in Morocco on August 25 and August 26, 2021.

Upon leaving the harbour on August 26, the ship participated in a Maritime Partnership Exercise with Royal Moroccan Navy ship 'Lieutenant Colonel Arrahman' off Casablanca port. Evolutions like communication drills, replenishment at sea procedures and naval manoeuvres were undertaken during the exercise.

INS Tabar is on goodwill visit to Europe and Africa.

India has been collaborating with friendly nations to enhance its capabilities and learn what best others have to offer.