Some of India's concerns aren't appropriate, neither are they plausible, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said

With the Taliban and China expressing willingness for cooperation, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has recently said that there is nothing wrong in China helping Afghanistan under the Belt and Road Initiative. "Some of India's concerns aren't appropriate, neither are they plausible," Suhail Shaheen said replying to Global Times' question specific to India.

"Some Indian media outlets said cooperation under the BRI is a cause for concern for India. So what's your response?"-- Suhail Shaheen was asked.

"We are working with other countries in the interest of our country and our people. It is important for us that every relationship we form with other counties is on the basis of our mutual self-interests in order for it to be a win-win situation. This is our policy. Some of India's concerns aren't appropriate, neither are they plausible. While having ended the occupation, we need to focus on the reconstruction of Afghanistan. And now China has come forward to help us with the construction of Afghanistan to create jobs for our people. So what is wrong with that? They, rather than us, should reconsider their position," the Taliban spokesperson said adding that the Taliban government in Afghanistan is looking forward to receiving delegations from China and Russia in near future.

The Taliban have termed China as their most important partner, while China is also extending support to Afghanistan.

The Taliban have also assured China that the members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a threat to China, have left Afghanistan.

According to experts, China is eyeing to capture the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan which used to be a US base before. In the interview, Suhail Shaheen said China can take part in the construction of Afghanistan and provide assistance in other essential sectors. "After this, both countries can then enter into mutually beneficial bilateral agreements which best serve the interests of both countries through mutual respect," the spokesperson said.