Panjshir province, the last bastion of resistance forces in Afghanistan, was bombed by Pakistani Air Force drones, reports said on Sunday. Former Samangan MP Zia Arianjad was quoted as saying by Aamaj News that Pakistani drones have bombed Panjshir using smart bombs.

Earlier on Sunday night, Fahim Dashty, the spokesperson of Ahmad Massoud, who is leading a resistance movement to the Taliban, was killed during fighting with the Taliban in Panjshir. General Sahib Abdul Wadood Zhor, nephew of Ahmad Shah Massoud and a former prominent Mujahideen commander, was also killed in the battle, Asvaka News Agency reported. Follow Afghanistan LIVE Updates

The Facebook page of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan also put out a statement saying, " With deep touch and regret, we lost two dear brothers and colleagues and fighters today. Fahim Dashty, the head of the office of Amir Saheb Ahmad Masoud, and General Sahib Abdul Wadood Zhor, the nephew of the national hero of Afghanistan in the battle against the fascist group. Congratulations on your martyrdom!"

Meanwhile, the resistance forces in the Panjshir valley have called for a ceasefire after reports emerged that they suffered heavy losses in the battle.

The National Resistance Front has proposed the Taliban to withdraw from Panjshir, and in return it will refrain from military action.