Two ISI spy agents have been arrested from Rajasthan for helping and sharing sensitive Indian Army information to Pakistani operator in Sindh's Hyderabad

In a major revelation to Pak-Dawood Terror Plot, India's security forces have arrested two Pakistan ISI agents - Bharat and Sandeep Kumar from the Narhar area of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. An earlier report had stated that Sandeep Kumar, a spy of a Pakistani intelligence agency was arrested.

However, in a major update to the honey-trap case, the joint operation conducted by military intelligence and the Southern command state intelligence has disclosed that a woman operative working from Hyderbad in Sindh was luring the accused in Rajasthan to get sensitive information. The matter is additionally sensitive as the accused is said to have shared significant pictures of the Army Camp in Narhar through WhatsApp.

Moreover, Sandeep Kumar was operating an Indane Gas Agency near the Narhar Army Camp. According to DG Mishra, the Director of Indane Gas Agency at Narhad, Sandeep Kumar was detained on September 12 after surveillance by State Intelligence and Military Intelligence Southern Command. Kumar was arrested earlier and was already sent for interrogation at the Joint Inquiry Center, Jaipur, for more information regarding the spy network.

The woman operator was looking for potential targets who could share crucial information to Pakistan.

Pakistan Spy Ring Busted

Following the arrest of Pakistani ISI spy, Rajasthan Director General of Police (Intelligence) Umesh Mishra had informed that the Pakistani spy has been sending photographs and sensitive confidential information of Army Camp Narhar to the Pakistani handler through WhatsApp texts, voice calls and video calls.

While speaking exclusively to Republic, Major General GD Bakshi (Retd) added his expert comments and mentioned that Pakistan is being assisted by China as well as Turkey in their mission against India.

Pak-Dawood Terror Plot

Delhi Police special cell in close cooperation with the Uttar Pradesh ATS had busted a multi-state terror crackdown on September 15 and arrested six suspects, of which two alleged terrorists were trained in Pakistan. The massive terror crackdown busted the nexus of Pak-ISI and the underworld in coordinating terror activities in India. The terrorists were found to be linked with Dawood Ibrahim's brother Anees Ibrahim. As per the Delhi Police, Anees Ibrahim had coordinated the terror plot to target multiple cities in India during the upcoming festive season.