LeT terrorist Ali Babar Patra from Okhara, Punjab in Pakistan surrendered before security forces during an operation in the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir

A Pakistani terrorist captured alive by the Indian Army during a live encounter in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri sector has asked his handlers in the neighbouring country to take him back to his mother.

Ali Babar Patra, a 19-year-old arrested Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, on Wednesday confessed to being trained by the Pakistan Army and the ISI.

The teenage Pakistani confessed to reporters that he was granted cash assistance of Rs 25,000 for his mother's medical treatment.

"I appeal to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) area commander, the ISI and the Pakistan Army to take me back to my mother just like they sent me here (India)," Ali Babar Patra, the teenage terrorist from Pakistan, said in a video message released by the Army.

Babar described how he was recruited and trained, saying that the Indian Army, which arrested him during anti-terror operations, treated him with respect.

He further mentioned that the demeanour of the officers and Jawans of the Indian Army towards the civilians who visited the camp where he was staying was extremely decent.

"We were told that the Indian Army is carrying out a bloodbath, but everything is peaceful here. I want to tell my mother that the Indian Army has taken good care of me, " he said.

"No civilian can cross over without the Pakistan Army's hand in it. Why aren't there such Tanzeems in India who send people across? I want to tell young people like me in Pakistan that this jihad is wrong, " Ali Babar Patra said.

He has previously claimed that the Pakistan army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were assisting terrorists in infiltrating Jammu and Kashmir for the sake of violence and personal gain by distributing false information and brainwashing the youth.

Patra claimed he was handed over to the ISI first, then the Pakistani Army, and finally the LeT.

Patra further claimed that on September 18, he was infiltrated with a gang of six terrorists from a Lashkar camp in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

"I can hear the Azaan (call for prayers) on the loudspeakers five times a day. The behaviour of the Indian Army is completely opposite to that of the Pakistan Army. This makes me feel that there is peace in Kashmir, " Patra said.

"On the contrary, they take advantage of our helplessness in Pakistani Kashmir to send us here," he added.