by Aayush

The recent reports of the skirmishes on the Sino-Indian border have raised serious questions over the Indian defence strategy. The unilateral Chinese action in an attempt to alter the status quo on the LAC and the followed hand-hand combat at Galwan took the nation by surprise.

China Respects Strength

The number of Chinese casualties and the capture of Black top by Special frontier force gave a strong message to the Chinese that their actions have not gone too well with the Indians. The Wuhan summit in 2018 and the Mamallapuram summit in 2019 were comprehended as a strong trust building measure by the Indian side but the Chinese actions in 2020 changed the Indian perspective.

The vulgar show Indian cremation pyre by the Chinese state gives another evidence of their thought process.

The Afghanistan Scourge

With all hopes of a democratic system lost, Afghanistan has become a new breeding ground for radical Islamic outfits. The recent killing of innocent civilians by Pakistani proxies have made it evident that the cease fire on the LoC should not be confused with Pakistan’s nefarious intent of infiltration in the valley. In addition, they can shift the terrorist camps in Afghanistan and just use PoK as launchpad.

Tensions With Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of India’s largest trading partners, the recent events of violence during Durga puja celebrations has raised tension between the citizens of the two countries. This might hamper trade in the long run.

Quad Is Not The Asian NATO

The quadrilateral security dialogue has no specific security clause, in the recent QUAD summit the discussion mainly revolved around

QUAD Vaccine Initiative: The Quad countries have pledged to donate more than 1.2 billion Covid-19 vaccines.

Building Back Better Health Security: Supported the call for a "global pandemic radar” to improve viral genomic surveillance and expand the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS).

Tackling Climate Change: Under this Green Shipping Network, Clean-Hydrogen partnership were discussed.

Atmanirbharta Is The Key

A country that aspires to be a global superpower can not depend on import of arms and equipment. The recent decision by the government to corporatize the Ordnance Factory Board is a much-needed step. To counter PLA the induction of defence systems should be at a massive rate. The present rate of induction needs to be accelerated, the shortage of Howitzers, Light tanks, Rocket systems, Snipers, Utility and heavy lift choppers and airplanes pose critical operational gap. Bulk orders should be placed for desi systems like LUH and LCH.

Answer The Chinese In Kind

On the recent visit by Indian Vice president Sri. M Venkaiah Naidu to the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese lodged a protest stating that they do not recognize Arunachal as a part of India. To tackle the never-ending Chinese claims India should raise the Tibet issue with its allies like US. This could be one of the counters to Chinese claims.

The communist party of China has failed to address the economic and social problems, so to keep his seat President Xi will try to invoke the sense of nationalism in the Chinese people, and a propaganda about threat to Chinese sovereignty is the best way to do it. India must prepare with a strong approach and radical solutions as the policy of Chinese appeasement has not fetched the desired result.