Set to challenge America’s F-22s, the J-20 was just demonstrated at the Zhuhai Air Show

Earlier this week, China revealed their newest military carrier-based fighter jets at the Zhuhai Air Show. The dual-engined J-20s flew above the heads of onlookers, powered by domestically engineered and manufactured engines. The full unveiling is set to occur later this year, although no specific date has been set yet. It's the first time the Chinese public and global viewers got a look at the jet in a public demonstration.

Stealth Fighter Jets Fully Built In China
Powering the newest J-20 stealth fighter jets are two Chinese-made WS-10 engines, which were first developed by the People's Liberation Army Air Force to replace the previous Russian jet engines used in Chinese aircraft.

These jets are now fully built in China, which will make mass production faster and easier. These carrier-based jets are the most advanced stealth fighters in China's military fleet and are set to challenge the American F-22s.

Furthermore, the chief designer of fighter jets in the People's Liberation Army Air Force, Sun Cong, has stated that “people should be able to see good news on the next-generation aircraft carrier-based fighter jet” later this year.

Sources: Global Times, Twitter, and Defence News