China's state-owned media says India blocked a routine patrol of Chinese soldiers near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

A report in China's state-owned newspaper China Daily has claimed that the Indian Army blocked a routine patrol of Chinese soldiers near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh on 28 September.

The report, which the newspaper claims is based on sources in the Chinese military, has also denied reports of detention of Chinese soldiers by India.

A News18 report on the face-off in Tawang claimed that Chinese soldiers were "briefly detained" by India during the altercation.

"According to sources from the Chinese military, on September 28, Chinese border guards carried out routine patrols in the Dongzhang area...but they were unreasonably blocked by the Indian side," a software translated version of the China Daily report said, adding, "...hype about Chinese soldiers being detained for "crossing the line" is false."

"Chinese officers and soldiers resolutely countered, and returned after completing the patrol mission," the report adds, without explaining how the patrol was completed after it was blocked by Indian soldiers.

The China Daily report comes just a day after the news of China's failed incursion bid in the Tawang sector made headlines in India. It came only hours before the 13th round of talks between India and China on Sunday (10 September) for discussions on the disengagement of troops from the friction points along the LAC in eastern Ladakh.

Reports say that discussions between the two sides on disengagement in the Hot Springs area are expected to move forward.

The face-off in Tawang comes just weeks after 100 Chinese soldiers transgressed into Indian territory in Barahoti of Uttarakhand's Chamoli district. Chinese troops remained in the area for hours and damaged infrastructure, including a bridge, before leaving.