New Delhi: The Indian government on Wednesday has withdrawn travel guidelines issued in a tit-for-tat move to the United Kingdom, lifting the mandatory 10-day quarantine for passengers coming from the UK.

"Revised guidelines for UK nationals arriving in India issued on October 1, 2021, stand withdrawn, and earlier guidelines on international arrival dated February 17, 2021, shall be applicable for those arriving in India from the UK," the Ministry of Health said.

Last month, London announced the new rules making it mandatory for a 10-day quarantine and RT-PCR test even for fully vaccinated Indians travelling to the UK.

Enraged by the move, India in retaliation has imposed reciprocal measures for UK citizens travelling to India on October 1.

However, Britain later announced that there would be no quarantine required for fully vaccinated Indian travellers in the UK from October 11.

In the response, India said it will issue fresh guidelines for foreign nationals from the UK after the British government ordered to discontinue mandatory COVID-19 norms for those vaccinated with Covishield and travelling from India to the UK, sources said on Friday.