In the animated clip, Superman and Wonder Woman, two of DC Comics' most powerful superheroes, can be seen destroying military infrastructure in Kashmir that gets mentioned as 'disputed' region. This has not gone down well with Indian viewers

A video is doing the rounds online, appearing to show Superman and Wonder Woman 'solving' the Kashmir 'dispute' It's not clear if it's officially produced by DC, the comics home of Superman, whose official YouTube channel does not host the video. But the mention of Kashmir as 'disputed' has riled many social media users in India.

India firmly maintains that Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.

The animated clip is doing rounds on social media platforms and is reportedly showing Superman and Wonder Woman, two of the most powerful heroes from the DC Universe destroying military equipment in 'disputed Kashmir'.

There are media reports saying that the two heroes are destroying Indian military infrastructure. The voiceover in the clip can however be heard as saying that Superman and Wonder Woman destroy 'every piece of military equipment 'declaring 'an arms-free zone'. There is no apparent mention of India or Pakistan but Kashmir can be heard as being regarded a 'disputed' territory.

The viewers are not happy.

"Why are they so specific about Kashmir? First they refer to an imaginary place like m'gota, but the next moment they mention Kashmir. Its better to keep quiet about complex geopolitical affairs that they don't know anything about..." says a Twitter user.

"USA (is) only strong in animation movie" says another.

Some Twitter users have poked fun at Superman and USA's war on terror in Afghanistan that met a disastrous end in August this year.

"How about superman, Wonderwoman & DC doing something about Afghanistan" reads a comment

"What a mess.. Superman couldn't save Afghanistan.. Went home defeated," reads another.

Some comments says that Superman and Wonder Woman are seen destroying a specific type of fighter jet that neither India nor Pakistan possesses.