In 2014, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar and killed more than 150 people, mostly students

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday summoned Prime Minister Imran Khan in the 2014 Peshawar army school massacre case where militants of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) killed more than 150 people, mostly students.

Incidentally, the summons by the top court comes on the back Imran Khan-led government entering a one-month truce with the outlawed terrorist group. The two developments may not be related, however, as Khan was not in office at the time of the attack. His government has been under a lot of pressure explaining the deal and legalities, as TTP is a proscribed terror group responsible for an estimated 70,000 killings.

The apex court has summoned the prime minister in his personal capacity to appear before the court at 11.30 am, reported Pakistan-based Geo news.

During the hearing, the attorney general sought time from the court for the prime minister to appear before it. However, the bench expressed anger at the request of the government's lawyer.

The court responded to the attorney general's plea by saying that the prime minister will have to present himself before the bench, adding that the parents of those who were martyred in the Army Public School massacre were also attending the hearing of the case.

During the previous hearing of the case, parents of the children killed in the 2014 terrorist attack had complained to the court that they had lost their children in the incident hence the top civil and military leadership of the country should be summoned by the Supreme Court and cases registered against them.

The victims' parents had also demanded of the apex court to hold a transparent inquiry into the incident. The court had asked the attorney general to review the situation and take necessary steps--whether it be an investigation or filing cases against those responsible-- and inform the court.

When the hearing resumed today, the court asked the attorney general for an update, who responded by saying that FIRs cannot be registered against the top leadership.

The TTP, commonly known as the Pakistani Taliban, is a banned terrorist organisation based along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

It has been involved in various attacks in Pakistan for more than a decade which killed thousands of people and reportedly been using Afghan soil to plot terrorist attacks in this country.

The government is now trying to use the influence of the Afghan Taliban over the TTP to reach a peace deal and end violence.

Last month, the government had faced criticism from politicians and victims of terrorism after Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed in an interview that his government was in talks with the TTP for "reconciliation" with the help of the Taliban in Afghanistan.