The India and Pakistan armies maintaining ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border in Jammu and Kashmir has proven to be the gift of the century for denizens in frontier areas. Not a single civilian has been killed in the border gunfire since February 2021, when the armies of both countries announced a truce. People living on both the sides of LoC are reaping the dividends of peace and are living their lives without any fear.

The guns falling silent have changed the lives of the border dwellers in both the countries. They are no more worried about shells landing on their houses and the bullets tearing their lives apart.

Since 1990 hundreds of people in J&K have been killed in the cross LoC shelling, while many have become handicapped. The immovable properties and livestock worth billions have also been damaged during the past three decades.

In 2003, India and Pakistan had signed a ceasefire agreement but it was never implemented in letter and spirit after the initial few years, but this time around the pact seems to have been put in practice with lot more seriousness.

Continues To Push Ultras, Drugs Into J&K

Even as the guns have fallen silent along the LoC and the International Border, Pakistan continues to push in ultras and narcotics into J&K. Peace on borders is benefitting Pakistan as none of its soldiers are getting killed in the retaliatory action by the Indian troops. Even the terror launch pads and training camps are intact. India’s neighbour is trying to create a notion that it’s not a rogue nation as it’s adhering to the ceasefire agreement in letter and spirit.

But on the other hand Pakistan is supporting the militant organizations operating in J&K covertly. It’s trying to project militancy in J&K as home grown but the fact is that militant groups operating in J&K are backed by Pakistan and most of the militant handlers are sitting across the Line of Control.

Eyes Punjab

Besides J&K, Pakistan is trying to foment trouble in Punjab also. Recently a bomb blast occurred inside the district court complex in Ludhiana which left one person dead, suspected to be a bomber, and injured five others.

The Times of India while quoting a senior police officer reported that the intelligence agencies in Punjab are marinating a close vigil on Khalistan forces trying to revive their so-called movement. The officer told the daily that intelligence agencies have specific inputs about the local gangs being hired by Pakistan spy agency ISI to revive violence in Punjab. So it’s not J&K only where India’s neighbour is trying to radicalize the local youth but it’s making an attempt to do the same in Punjab.

The policy makers in Pakistan need to understand that fighting a proxy war hasn’t helped them in Kashmir. In fact it has maligned the image of Pakistan and its denizens worldwide. Entire world is of the opinion that Pakistan is a breeding ground and a safe haven for terrorists and all its citizens are terrorists. If the people, who are obsessed with India, don’t change their mindset and keep on investing in terror groups and terrorists it would lead to Pakistan paying a heavy price for its misadventures. The ISI eyeing Punjab is an indication that Pakistan to a great extent has understood that militancy in J&K is on its last legs. Neither the local militants, nor the ultras of Pakistani origin are making any impact as the security forces are thwarting all their ulterior motives.

Pakistani leaders and the ones, who want to bleed India to avenge the defeats its armed forces have suffered at the hands of Indian Army, should realize that their country is in doldrums. It has turned into a failed state.

Peace Only Way Forward

The ceasefire along the LoC has rejuvenated the lives of people on both sides. It has proven it beyond doubt that maintaining peace is the only way forward. More than India, it’s Pakistan which needs peace as it’s at the verge of collapse. The so-called “Naya Pakistan” as country has got nothing to show except it being a capital of terrorism, where the suicide bombers and ultras are prepared to spread terror and violence. If Pakistan wants to prosper it has to change its policy to support terror and the militant groups, which have turned into monsters and are threatening to take over the country which groomed them.

Truce Could Be A Lull Before A Storm

The ceasefire along the LoC and International Border in J&K could turn out to be a lull before a storm as the ‘New India’ is headed by strong leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By carrying out surgical strikes and Balakot airstrikes, India has driven home a point that Pakistan won’t be allowed to get away with everything. It should stop meddling in J&K affairs. Pakistan thinking about reviving the so-called Khalistan movement in Punjab could prove to be the last nail in its coffin as India doesn’t believe in fighting a proxy war. Indian armed forces are capable enough to cross the LoC and destroy the terror infrastructure in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

After August 5, 2019—when India announced its decision to scrap J&K’s special status and bifurcated it into two Union Territories—the political leadership of India has dropped enough hints about its next step. i.e. liberating PoK, which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947. The ones who are dreaming of snatching J&K from India and setting Punjab on fire could lose whatever is under their possession and control.

Helmsmen in Pakistan need to mend their ways and give peace a chance for the sake of their own country and people as Pakistanis deserve some respite and dignity, which they have lost due to the wrong policies of their rulers. Instead of investing in terror groups, India’s neighbour should think about investing in peace.