Situated at 35km north of Kerala’s Kannur, Asia’s Largest Naval Academy is home for around1200 cadets

The campus of the Indian Naval Academy is located 35km north of Kerala’s Kannur and 120km south of Karnataka’s Mangalore, on the West coast of Peninsular India. Here is a collection of pictures of it Asia’s Largest Naval Academy.

Established in 2009, the INA was meant to meet the training needs of a fast-growing Indian Navy. To protect India’s Maritime interests, the Navy operates on land, at sea, underwater and even soars to the skies.

INA is home to nearly 1200cadets and is administered by 180 Naval officers and 300 sailors. The premier Defence Institution is headed by a Commandant.

Arjun Baffle Range

Arjun Baffle Range is where the cadets fire Pistols, Light machine guns and assault rifles. The word Baffle refers to a specialized form of concrete that is used at various parts of the firing area, in order to absorb the impact of the bullets and prevent ricocheting. It is a programmable firing range with six firing lanes and a target for each lane. It is possible to monitor in real-time the accuracy of the shots. The firing range offers the options of firing from various distances, depending on the expertise and weapon being used.

The Bridge Simulator

The best experience of Navigation, Guidance and Communication can be gained only by serving on-board a ship’s bridge. However, the nest best experience is guaranteed on a ship bridge simulator. The made-in-India simulator used at INA combines 7 displays and offers a 240degree view that enables cadets to train in simulated sailing conditions. They get to practice sailing into and out of all major ports in India, with simulations of day and night and all weather conditions

Panini Library

Physical training is an important component at the INA. However, equal emphasis is placed on the academic curriculum, as the Navy wants to nurture young men and women who are not only flighting-fit, but also academically qualified and intellectually sharp. INA’s Panini library is home to nearly 1.35 lakh books from across genres. The cadets also are allowed to read a wide range of magazines and periodicals, newspapers to broaden their knowledge.

An Indoor Physical Training Arena

Cadets at the INA go through a gruelling physical training routine. Besides the running and exercises, they are also encouraged to play indoor and outdoor sports. The INA campus has facilities for almost every sport - football, basketball, equestrian, golf, badminton, athletics, shooting etc. Cadets perform physical exercises such as push ups, pull-ups, rope climbing and other activities, besides playing indoor sports at Indoor PT Arenas.