Ludhiana blast-linked Khalistani terrorist Jaswinder Singh Multani, arrested in Germany, was allegedly planning to carry out terrorist activities in poll-bound Punjab by using smuggled consignments from Pakistan

Documents exclusively accessed show that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has been making aggressive efforts to destabilise Punjab. Khalistani terrorist Jaswinder Singh Multani, who’s closely associated with the banned outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), has been arrested in Germany after coming to notice for arranging and sending weapons consignments comprising explosives, hand grenades, etc, from across the border to Punjab. These weapons were sent with the help of his Pakistan-based operatives and arms smugglers. He was allegedly planning to carry out terrorist activities in poll-bound Punjab by using the smuggled consignments. Multani has also been linked to the recent Ludhiana court blast case.

After arrest of seven radicalised youths, it was found that Multani tried to target a key farmer leader, Balbir Singh Rajewal, who was also involved in the 2020-21 farm agitation in parts of India. He is president of Bharatiya Kisan Union-Rajewal.

Multani allegedly sent funds to one Jeevan Singh for arranging local-made weapons to target the farmer leader.

In August 2021, he supplied weapons with the help of the ISI to Harike Road, Amritsar.

Clip 1: He is advising an unknown contact, Jagdev Singh, to retain the pin after throwing a hand grenade (he calls it ‘anaar’, or ‘pomegranate’). This is to ensure that the pin is not recovered by police with fingerprints of the attacker.

Clip 2: He conveys to Jagdev Singh that pressure is being mounted on him by the ISI (he calls them ‘Chaudharis’) to carry out attacks.

Clip 3: Multani asks if he will get good news soon.

Clip 4: He tells Jagdev that ISI (Chaudharis) have promised that all smuggled consignments will be at the disposal of Multani and his team if they carry out the present task successfully.

Clip 5: Multani says he is in touch with an unknown accomplice in India, Dheer Singh, stating that ISI (Chaudharis) had sent two ‘anaars’ (grenades) near Amritsar. He then says that new ISI officials (Chaudharis) have given him a task to carry out and the consignment of 2 anaars (hand grenades) will be available near Amritsar. The ISI will even send video clips displaying the consignment, he says. The new ISI official has even worked with the old Sikh radicals, who have been working for the cause since 1988, Multani adds. This ISI officer has been supplying consignments to those radicals as well, he says. “We need to give the Chaudharis (ISI) results", he says, and that the location will be shared with Dheer Singh to retrieve the consignment of grenades as soon as it comes from the ISI official. Multani says he will share photos of the consignment with Dheer Singh right away.

Clip 6: Multani says that the consignment has been kept by one of his associates and the task is not being executed. He then mentions that the consignment of RDX is lying with him, to which an unidentified person replies that he does not know how to operate it. Multani later glorifies Bhai Dilawar Singh Babbar, the assassin of Beant Singh, the late chief minister of Punjab, stating that “we cannot become Dilawar Singh, but we can definitely become number two".