Islamabad: Pakistan PM Imran Khan has once again threatened nuclear war by making poisonous statements against India. He gave this jackal during an interview. Talking about Jammu and Kashmir, he also commented on the so-called "suffering" of the people there. Imran Khan termed Jammu and Kashmir as 'India Occupied Kashmir' and said 80 lakh Kashmiris are being forced to stay in an "open jail."

Imran Khan used words like 'fascist BJP government' for the Government of India and said that this government is dangerous for India and the entire region. He said he feared that BJP's policies could lead to nuclear war. He said, "I don't know how the BJP is ruling the country of such smart people, such as Hindus. Referring to the 'starvation' in Afghanistan, he appealed to the US to support it. Imran Khan said that it is beyond his comprehension what purpose the US was there for two decades.

PM Imran said only a hard-line mind can think so, but there is a fear that when two nuclear powers face-off, the consequences will be fatal. He also claimed that if India conducts an airstrike, Pakistan will respond with the same aggression as it did in February 2019. He cried out for India's personal relations with Islamic countries and said that he raised the Kashmir issue everywhere, but there is no hope. Imran said that whoever follows Prophet Mohammed will move forward.