The construction work being done illegally by Pakistani Rangers on the LoC was stopped by the Indian Army with immediate effect after a stern warning was conveyed via a powerful public address system.

India on Tuesday had raised strong objections to Pakistan's attempts to build bunkers at the LoC. Republic TV has accessed exclusive videos of Pakistan's illegal construction in the Teetwal Village of Kupwara district. In the video, the Indian side can be heard sending a strong warning to the Pakistan Army, asking it to stop the illegal construction or face the consequences.

"Stop this construction. We have been raising this matter, by request since yesterday. But we will not keep requesting, because we know what other route we can take to stop this," heard the warning via a powerful sound system from the Indian side. After this stern warning Zee News reported that the Pak Rangers took to their heels fearing fearsome retaliation by the Indian Army.

Pakistan does not seem to understand the niceties of any agreement whatsoever. India has cautioned them not do so but we will have to take action if Pakistan does not come to its senses. Teetwal is a very sensitive zone, under no circumstance will we allow them to build bunkers.