MOSCOW - Moscow has offered New Delhi to develop a new Indian combat tank on the basis of the Russian Armata platform, the spokeswoman for Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Valeria Reshetnikova, told Sputnik.

"Taking into account Indian military plans on starting the development of a new combat tank, in the framework of a recently held Russian-Indian intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation and Russian-Indian summit, Indian counterparts were offered new directions of cooperation, including the development of armoured fighting vehicles based of the Armata platform and on customers' technical inquiries", Reshetnikova said in an interview.

Russia plans to launch serial supplies of the T-14 Armata tank in 2022. With its combat module unmanned and completely remote-controlled, its crew can remain isolated from the fuel section and munitions. Its weapons include a 125-mm smooth-bore cannon and a 7.62-mm machine gun.

Broad Desired Specs For Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV)

1. Basic Configuration: Medium Weight Class Tank

2. The design should be modular and physical dimensions should not impede its transportability by in-service rail, road, air and ship

3. The configuration platform to be with 2 - 3 Crew Pod Concept

4. All systems and assemblies including ammunition should be able to operate in a minimum temperature as in High Altitude Area and maximum range as existing in deserts terrain with corresponding humidity conditions

5. Fire Power: Large Calibre, Lethal, Modular and upgradable weapon system with capability to destroy and offer countermeasures to varied threats

6. To take on current / future tanks with High First Round Hit Probability and at max operational ranges. Other weapon systems and counter measures should cater for the threats as currently existing and in future

7. Modern advance multipurpose ‘smart munitions’ both for main and secondary armaments with gun tube launched anti-tank guided missile

8. A digital fire control system, to incorporate, Al enabled target acquisition / Multiple-Auto Target Tracker with hunter killer capability and eye safe laser range finder. High rate of fire capable to fire at high as well as low angles with capability to fire beyond line of sight. The loading system should provide auto-Loading mode with minimum intervention and engagement time

9. Multiple weapons for anti-aircraft, counter UAV/ counter RPAs and ground role with different calibre assisted with remote control weapon station. Smoke Dischargers with Anti Thermal/Laser capability. Automotive and gun control system and any other system/ sub-system which enhances the operational
capability and employability of the platform

10. High detection recognition and identification ranges with thermal night fighting and Lock on Target capability

11. Survivability: STANAG level of all round protection including top, bottom, sides and frontal- against current / future KE/CE threat, Mines with combination of other survival means (ERA, APS etc)

12. Modern Armour material like ceramics, laminates, EM armour etc give higher level of protection with lesser weight which will give a very big operational advantage

13. Passive protection of the platform offered will be Soft Kill systems and other counter measures. (Laser Warning System, IR/RF sensors) desired Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA), Hard and Soft Kill Measures, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Protection & Instant Fire Detection and Suppression System (IFDSS). Containerized compartments, — with suitable safety of blow out provisions. To suppress visual, audio/acoustic, thermal and electro-magnetic signatures. Provision of Adaptive Camouflage IR stealth and pre fed shapes for deception Thermal Camouflage

14. Mobility: Approx. 30:1 horse power/ton or better. High trafficability - in marginal, boggy terrain. Operational ranges in cross country and on road. Should provide a stable weapon platform to achieve first round hit probability in varying Terrain - Active Suspension. Capability to negotiate maximum gradient and ability for deep- fording

15. ISR And Situational Awareness: Systems to provide day and night high resolution, high field of view and continuous and integrated 360° real time situational awareness for the crew members - See Through Armour, IFF systems. High Data media rate transfer, networked and media connectivity with Ae and other platforms. Issues of compatibility with in-service radio sets and secrecy to be addressed. Offensive and defensive electronic countermeasures (ECM) and counter-countermeasures (ECCM)

16. Battlefield networked and situational awareness systems with powering of Vetronics. ‘On-board monitoring and diagnostic system’ to provide real time information on digital display regarding status of serviceability and logistic requirements of the system

16. Maintenance: ‘On-board monitoring and diagnostic system’ to provide real time information on digital display regarding status of serviceability and logistic requirements of the system. Incorporate modular systems to enable quick replacement and_ predictive maintenance at Field Workshop level with high Mean Time Between Failures and low Mean Time Taken to Repair

17. Other Capabilities: BMS integrated with Fire Control System. Hybrid navigation system, compatibility with In-service map system, DSM series. Auxiliary Power Unit, Preheater, Environment Control Unit and Anti Drone capability, UAV Jammers, Net Enabled (UAV feed) and Identification-Friend-or-Foe system. The platform should adapt to alternate power management system

18. Incremental introduction of autonomous technologies complimenting crew tasks and enhance situational awareness. Precise targeting, instant effects and long range with sufficient power-generation capacity. Alternate options of Armament with Liquid Propellant Gun, Electro Thermal Gun