The MiG-31BM aircraft is designed to destroy air and ground targets

Russia’s Central Military District (CMD) has received five MiG-31BM high-altitude interceptor fighters as per the basic weapons and military equipment supply plan of 2021.

According to a Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation statement, a batch of five interceptor jets entered service with CMD’s fighter aviation regiment.

The Mig-31BM jet is a long-range aircraft designed to destroy air and ground targets. It is capable of intercepting 24 targets simultaneously.

The fighter jet can also intercept cruise and ballistic missiles at different altitudes in all weather conditions.

“The MiG-31BM underwent a comprehensive upgrade of technical components and assemblies, equipped with updated avionics, navigation and electronic equipment, which made it possible to improve tactical characteristics and increase the combat capabilities of interceptor fighters,” the statement said.

Separately, the Southern Military District (SMD)’s Su-27SM3 jet crews worked out fighter aviation cover for a multi-purpose air patrol over Black Sea.

The training involved pairs of aircraft working out actions to escort Su-34 fighter-bombers and conduct other aerial duties.