Earlier, there were reports of China hoisting the flag in Galway Valley on social media

Everyone believes in the bravery and might of the Indian Army, but the neighbouring country of China sometimes makes such a bluff for which it has to be ashamed. At present, the Indian Army has responded to China in the same manner. After the provocative act done by China on the new year, the Indian Army has given a befitting reply to it. The Indian Army hoisted the tricolour over the Galwan Valley on the occasion of the New Year, whose photos were released by the army on Tuesday.
The news of the Indian Army hoisting the tricolour has come on such an occasion when there were reports of China hoisting the flag in Galway Valley on social media. Earlier it was also reported that China has given new names to some areas of Arunachal Pradesh. China took this step before the implementation of the disputed Land Boundary Law.

A political controversy deepened in the country after the video of the Chinese army hoisting the national flag of their country in the Galwan Valley went viral. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had questioned Prime Minister Modi regarding the matter. "Only our tricolour looks good in Galwan, China will have to answer, Modi ji, break the silence," he had tweeted.

The entire flag controversy in Galwan started with a video, in which the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army of China were reportedly seen hoisting the flag of their country in a mountainous area and are also singing the national anthem of China. This video was uploaded by the Chinese state media on social media and it was claimed that the Chinese army has hoisted this flag in Galwan Valley on the occasion of New Year. Although this video was quite old and was not inside the Indian border.

Notably, Galwan Valley is the same area of ​​Ladakh, where there was a skirmish broke out between the Indian Army and China on 15 June 2020, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.