In a major development, Pakistan's nexus with Khalistani terrorist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has been revealed. The Republic Media Network has accessed proof of an anti-India conspiracy by Pakistan and the SFJ as the latter had reached out to Imran Khan's government to support the 'Khalistan Referendum'. Moreover, the Pakistani media is now openly extending its support to the SFJ.

In a video, SFJ's Gurpatwant Singh Pannu can be heard saying that the group has written to Imran Khan to support the Khalistan Referendum. In addition, he can also be heard talking about India's victory in Bangladesh war and the fall of Dhaka. Pannu is openly reaching out to Khan and has urged the Pakistani government to "diplomatically intervene" to support the Khalistan Referendum.

"Imran Khan Should Support Khalistan Referendum": SFJ

"SFJ has written a letter to Imran Khan and the message is to the people of Pakistan. Fall of Dhaka is past and we're asking PM Imran Khan to diplomatically intervene and support the Khalistan referendum. It will lead to fall of Delhi. Indira Gandhi had supported the Bangladesh war and Bangladesh was lost. Its time for a payback in the same way. Khalistan Referendum will liberate Punjab from the Indian occupation," Pannu can be heard saying in the December 16 video.

"Now is the time that India should be balkanised into small parts. You are raising the issue of Kashmir and its time to support Khalistan Referendum and Sikhs. Join hands with us and we're seeking diplomatic intervention," Pannu goes on to say in the video

Pakistani Media Backs SFJ And Its Anti-India Plot

On the other hand, the Pakistani media is now openly backing the SFJ. On Wednesday, an article in Radio Pakistan has claimed that "India has launched a massive propaganda to malign the Sikhs for Justice". It further states that India is trying to get the SFJ banned in the United States. It added that India has also arrested Jaswinder Singh Multani, a member of the SFJ for his involvement in the recent Ludhiana court blast.

The editorial claims that the United States administration has refused to accept India's attempts "of labelling the Khalistan movement as terrorism". Moreover, it also claims that other countries like United Kingdom, United States and Canada continued to allow SFJ and its referendum activities as an "expression of political opinion under the freedom of expression".