Imran Khan is also fondly known as "Taliban Khan" among Pakistan opposition parties

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned global powers of the "extremist agenda" of the Indian government while highlighting a recent gathering of Hindu activists in the northern Indian city of Haridwar.

The three-day event named "Dharam Sansad," attended by Hindu monks and activists, issued a blatant call to rid the country of Muslims and to turn the secular republic of India into a Hindu nation.

"Under the extremist ideology of Modi's BJP government, all religious minorities in India have been targeted with impunity by Hindutva groups. The extremist agenda of the Modi government is a real and present threat to peace in our region." said Imran.

Khan's outbursts came after the Narendra Modi-led government failed to condemn incendiary remarks aimed at minority communities at the closed-door meeting held between 17 and 19 December.

The police have not arrested any of the participants, even though a number of video recordings are available on social media.

The Uttarakhand Police registered a case against the organisers of the Hindu Conclave, but only after former diplomats, lawyers and students condemned the most blatant and alarming incitement to violence in recent years.

The organisers have announced a "Retaliation Day" set for 16 January against the Police case.

On Monday, the Supreme Court of India agreed to hear a petition seeking criminal action against the Dharam Sansad organisers for their genocidal calls against Muslims. No arrests have been made so far.

During the conference, Swami Prabodhanand Giri, head of a right-wing Hindu organisation in Uttarakhand, said the country now belongs to Hindus.

"This is why, as in Myanmar, the police, politicians, army and every Hindu here must pick up weapons, and we will have to conduct this purge. There is no solution apart from this," Giri said, referring to Muslims.

Videos from the conference also showed other participants swearing an oath to turn India into a Hindu nation. The inflammatory remarks come as five states are holding elections, including Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.