Baloch freedom fighters targeted a convoy of Pak military in Badok, Gwadar on Sunday. In the attack on Makuran Coastal Highway the Pakistan military suffered heavy losses. Three Pak personnel were killed in this attack, whereas five more were severely injured, said BRAS spokesperson in his media statement. BRAS is the joint front of occupied Baluchistan’s armed freedom fighters.

Soon after the attack, Pakistani gunship helicopters reached the area, however, Baloch freedom fighters successfully managed to leave the site of the attack.

Due to successful and continuous attacks by Baloch freedom fighters, the Pak forces are targeting innocents and taking away Baloch youth. However, Baloch freedom fighters continue to intensify attacks against the Pak forces and all brutalities inflicted upon the Balochis. In the meantime, Pak military has reportedly launched a ground and aerial operation in Bambor area between Kohlu and Dera Bugti districts of Baluchistan.

According to local reports, the military operation is being carried out in the vicinity of Bambur and in the mountainous areas while there are also reports of shelling by gunship helicopters at various places.

However, during the operation, no casualties or arrests have been reported yet. Meanwhile, military convoys and helicopters were seen advancing from Dhadar area of Baluchistan.