Islamabad: The Baloch Students Union in its statement has said that targeting political voices and putting obstacles in the peaceful political activities is beyond comprehension, according to Pakistan's vernacular media.

The Union said that peaceful protest is the right of every citizen. But unfortunately, the rulers of Baluchistan are sticking to their reputation of crushing every peaceful movement by force. He said that a peaceful protest rally was taken out against the government's inability in finding the missing persons, reported local media.

But after eight months the government is filing FIR against the leaders of Voice for Missing Baloch Persons. It shows that the government can harass political leaders and workers anytime on any ground.

It does not matter how peaceful they were. He said that by the wrong policies of the government Baluchistan is reeling under fire and blood for the last two years.

But instead of rectifying their policies, they are punishing the people. The colonial thinking of the federal government is increasing the feeling of deprivation among the Baloch people.