One of the Pakistani fishing boats seized by BSF

11 Pak boats were seized from the same area last week

The Border Security Force (BSF) on Thursday seized seven more Pakistani fishing boats in the Creek area of Harami Nalla in Gujarat's Bhuj. The boats were seized around 12 noon in an operation carried out by BSF's Creek Crocodile Commando teams.

The forces have launched an intensive search operation and plugged all escape routes. Meanwhile, questioning of the arrested fishermen is on.

"Seven more Pakistani fishing boats with rotten fish were seized in Harami Nalla by the BSF. Intensive search operation of the area continues," the BSF said in a statement.

In a similar operation, the BSF had seized 11 Pakistani fishing boats and arrested six fishermen from the same area on February 10. In this operation BSF had deployed Creek Crocodile Commandos from an Indian Air Force helicopter to search hiding fishermen.

The BSF has launched a major operation against intrusion by Pakistani fishing boats into the Indian waters.

While Indian fishermen are barred from entering the creek area, Pakistani fishermen enter the Indian side to catch fish. Many times, such fishermen escape towards the Pakistan side after abandoning their boats after spotting the BSF patrol boats, said a BSF officer.