File photo of Taliban terror group leaders with Chinese foreign minister Wang-Yi in Beijing

Kabul: China will be sending 600 tons of emergency aid in wheat to Afghanistan from its Xinjiang province.

The Chinese embassy in Kabul said a train carrying 600 tons of aid in wheat is set to depart from China's Xinjiang for Afghanistan, as noted by Ariana News.

Wang Yu, China's ambassador to Kabul, tweeted on Sunday, that this was the second shipment of Chinese aid to the Afghan people in a week.

China's assistance has come in the wake as Taliban has looked for assistance from the Western aid agencies as noted during the recent Oslo conference in Norway in January this year.

On the other hand, half of the Afghan population is starving and needs urgent assistance to survive especially because the freezing winter has been hitting Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, China announced last week that it had sent about 500 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, including food, especially wheat, oil, and sugar.

Earlier, Wang said that as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan intensified, the country had so far provided 3,600 tons of food and non-food items to the country, according to Ariana News.