Beijing: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, after talks with various foreign diplomats on Friday expounded China's basic position on the Ukraine crisis.

On Friday, Wang Yi had phone conversations with UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, and French Diplomatic Advisor to President Emmanuel Bonne.

According to the statement, China said that "it has always disapproved of wilfully invoking of UN Charter Chapter VII that authorizes the use of force and sanctions in UNSC resolutions."

The sides exchanged their views with a focus on the situation in Ukraine. Wang Yi expounded China's basic position on the Ukraine issue where he said that it "firmly believes that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected and protected and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter abided by in real earnest."

In a statement, the country said that it advocates "common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security."

"China believes that the security of one country should not come at the expense of the security of other countries, still less should regional security be guaranteed by strengthening or even expanding military blocs," it added in its statement.

"Russia's legitimate security demands ought to be taken seriously and properly addressed," the statement read. It urged all parties to exercise the "necessary restraint to prevent the current situation in Ukraine from getting worse or even getting out of control."

"The life and property safety of civilians should be effectively guaranteed, and large-scale humanitarian crises, in particular, must be prevented," China said in a statement.

Moreover, China, in its statement, "encouraged diplomatic efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine crisis."