Hyundai India has issued a second apology after their Pakistan handle's message on Kashmir Solidarity Day. The message had led to Indian customers boycotting the company on social media. The second apology has received mixed response

Hyundai Motor Company has issued a second apology after its Pakistan social media handle posted a message on Kashmir Solidarity Day. Hyundai Pakistan shared a message that expressed solidarity with Kashmiri brothers in their fight for freedom. The post created a social media uproar with Indians boycotting the South Korean car manufacturer. In response, the company had issued an apology which was found to be inadequate by their clientele. As the outrage refused to die down, the Hyundai India Twitter handle issued a second apology statement which stated that “the independently-owned distributor in Pakistan made unauthorised Kashmir-related social media posts from their own accounts." The fresh apology has received mixed reactions from netizens. While a few said that the company should have said ‘sorry’, a few felt that the new statement was better and the company should have released it earlier.

“Hello when are you putting 2 words in you open letters that is WE APOLOGISE ??"
“You need to issue an unconditional apology and recognise Kashmir as an integral part of India ; till then #BoycottHyundai."
“This would have been the 1st response… Better late than never.."
“This came after pressure, so sounds a little hollow. But better late than never."

“Thank you for clarifying your policy without resorting to mental gymnastics. Also, ‘once a situation is brought to your attention’ don’t go blocking the same people."

“Just put a one line statement that Jammu and Kashmir was, is and always will be an integral part of Bharat.. That should be more than enough."
“Appreciate the sensible response. I think I can go ahead with my Verna order with consciously."

“How is that even a religious issue? It was about territorial integrity/sovereignty."

“Der aaye par durust aaye… I think we should put the controversy to rest now. @HyundaiIndia."

On February 5, Hyundai Pakistan Official wrote: “Let us remember the sacrifices of our Kashmiri brothers and stand in support as they continue to struggle for freedom."