Israel Defence Forces had launched surface-to-surface missiles from the Golan Heights at various military locations in the town of Zakia south of Damascus

The Syrian army command claimed that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have launched surface-to-surface missiles from the Golan Heights at various military locations in the town of Zakia south of Damascus, as per Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). According to the army command, the attack took place in the late hours of Wednesday. However, only minor property damage occurred after the attack and no injuries have been reported so far, Sputnik reported.

These missiles' fire came after the IDF conducted airstrikes last week on Syrian missile and radar systems in the nation's south, saying the action was in retaliation to a Syrian anti-air missile that triggered alarms within Israel. According to Sputnik, due to the near proximity of its confrontations with Israeli aircraft firing missiles at targets in Syria, Syrian anti-air missiles had overshot their objectives multiple times in recent years.

Syrian Air Defence Had Intercepted Several Missiles Launched By Israel

On February 9, Wednesday, Syrian Air Defence had intercepted a barrage of missiles targeting the vicinity of the capital city, Damascus. As per Syrian state media reports, a series of "Israeli aggression missiles" was launched against "hostile targets". The Israeli planes which were launched last week, aimed at Syrian missile batteries as well as radar after an anti-aircraft projectile was shot at Israel earlier on Wednesday. Local media quoting military sources reported that the strike on Damascus killed one Syrian soldier and injured five others.

In addition to this, following the attack on Damascus, Syria's Foreign Ministry had said that it would use all legal means to respond to Israeli attacks on its territory. After the Israeli strike, the Ministry released a statement stating that the Syrian Arab Republic "strongly condemns" the cruel Israeli assault against Syrian soil.

Israel's attacks, according to the Foreign Ministry, were unlawful under international law as well as the United Nations Charter, and Syria underlines that these strikes would have a detrimental influence on those who perpetrate them, as well as embolden them. It goes on to say that Syria has the legal right to respond with all legal means at its disposal.

Syria has never acknowledged Israel's legal existence, and the two countries have been at odds since Israel's founding in 1948. During the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel conquered the Golan Heights from Syria.