Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has remained non-committal on the issue of violation of Uyghur human rights in Xinjiang, continues to support China on its policy of suppressing Uyghur Muslims in the region.

Now, Italian political advisor and geopolitical expert Sergio Restelli has said that “the growing dependence on China for economic aid and diplomatic support” is the reason why leadership has had to publicly commit to China’s policies even though “they are responsible for the genocide of Uyghur Muslims.”

Writing for Inside Over, Restelli said that several countries have come together to boycott the Beijing Olympics to mark their protest against the mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims by the Chinese government.

The human rights groups want the Olympics event to be boycotted. Several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Lithuania, Slovenia, New Zealand, Australia announced the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics event citing “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity" in Xinjiang, the ANI reported.

Th report further said that Uyghur Muslims living outside of China have asked global leaders to support them. “China stop the genocide. Muslims don’t sleep, Pakistan, which remained noncommittal on the issue of violation of Uyghur human rights in Xinjiang. China’s economic rise and growing presence in Pakistan due to its investment specifically in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has given Beijing an unprecedented scope to take off ‘Transnational Repression’ in the country including violation of human rights and persecution of Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang region,” the report quoted a Canada-based think tank as saying.