Around 15,000 Indian nationals mostly medical students are in Ukraine

In a significant move, Poland has announced that no visa will be required for Indian nationals crossing into the country from war-torn Ukraine. In a tweet, Polish envoy Adam Burakowski said, "Poland is allowing to enter without any visa all Indian students who escape from Russian aggression in Ukraine.".

A number of Indian nationals have reached the Poland-Ukraine border and have been advised by the Indian mission in Warsaw to make for the Shehyni Medyka border crossing.

The Polish government is allowing people to cross that border on foot. The Krakowiec border crossing is for persons travelling in their own vehicles.

In an exclusive conversation with Wion on Saturday, Envoy Adam said, " I can assure you that Polish authorities are fully cooperating with India", explaining, "Poland and other countries which border Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are providing help."

Around 15,000 Indian nationals mostly medical students are in Ukraine. Indian government has launched operation Ganga for the evacuation of Indian nationals. The Ministry of external affairs has sent teams to border areas of Romania, Poland, and Hungary for evacuation of Indian nationals crossing over from Ukraine.