State Department spokesperson Ned Price made the remarks during his daily press conference

New Delhi: America has a relationship with India that stands on its own merit, the Joe Biden administration said today. US also said that the ties with India have not been impacted by the ongoing tension with Russia.

"We have a relationship with India that stands on its own, that stands on its own merits," State Department spokesperson Ned Price said at his daily press briefing today.

He was responding to a question if the US ties with India have been impacted due to the tension with Russia over Ukraine crisis.

The US' support for India comes despite the fact that India abstained from voting on the issue at the United Nations Security Council.

The West claims that Russia is trying to start a war with Ukraine, as the country has deployed nearly 100,000 troops on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Russia has denied any plans to attack Ukraine, saying the troops in the border area are carrying out military exercises.

Yesterday, Russia accused America of escalating tensions by sending 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe.

Mr Price refrained from taking any questions related to India's stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the UN Security Council.

India had said that “quiet and constructive” diplomacy is the “need of the hour” and any steps that increase tension “may best be avoided” by all sides in the larger interest of securing international peace and security.

Mr Price said that US has been in touch with literally dozens of countries around the world, including their Indian partners, on concerns regarding Russia's military build-up and its unprovoked potential aggression against Ukraine.

India yesterday again made a pitch a peaceful resolution through constructive political efforts.

"There was a meeting on the issue at the UN Security Council on January 31. We issued a statement at the meeting reflecting our viewpoint. I do not have anything more on this at this point," he said, replying to a question.

"I want to remind you that we have called for constructive political efforts to address the concerns of all sides and resolve the situation peacefully," he said.