Chinese Embassy in Kyiv is still preparing to evacuate its nationals from Ukraine, a Chinese student told India Today in Kyiv. In contrast, the Government of India has already brought back over 1,000 Indians from Ukraine as part of 'Operation Ganga'.

On Monday, India Today encountered a Chinese student not far from a building in Kyiv hit by a cruise missile.

The Chinese student, a resident of Beijing studying piano in Kyiv, said he does not know whether he wants to return to China and even if he did, the same is "not possible".

He said that he was aware of India's efforts to evacuate its citizens, adding that he was aware that Indians are being taken to Poland, Romania and Hungary.

Asked if he expects similar efforts from his own government, the student told India Today that the Chinese government must also evacuate its nationals, including students, from Ukraine like India.

"Chinese Embassy [in Kyiv] is still preparing to take its people out of Ukraine," the Chinese student said.

Operation Ganga

The Government of India, as part of 'Operation Ganga', has already evacuated as many as 1,400 Indian nationals, including students, from Ukraine.

In an advisory on Monday, the Indian embassy in Kyiv asked all Indian nationals to make their way to the railway station.

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), said in a press conference on Monday, "Evacuation efforts on...Situation on the ground continues to be complex and fluid, some of them quite concerning, but we have been able to accelerate our evacuation process."

He added that about 8,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine since the Government of India first issued an advisory.